Subject: Re: Bug#850590: ITP: openmeca -- a graphical
application to model and simulate mechanical

Hi Damien,

I think this package fits nicely into the Debian Science team and might
be useful in more than one of its tasks[1].

Kind regards



On Sun, Jan 08, 2017 at 10:00:45AM +0100, Damien Andre wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Damien Andre <[email protected]>
> * Package name : openmeca
> Version : 2.1.2
> Upstream Author : Damien Andre <[email protected]>
> * URL :
> * License : GPL v3
> Programming Lang: C++
> Description : a graphical application to model and simulate mechanical
> systems
> OpenMeca is based on the chronoengine library. The aim of openmeca is to
> provide a software for simulating mechanical systems easily. openmeca allow
> us to builds a 3D sketch, where the bonds are represented by symbols and
> gives a simple way to apply loading and boundary conditions. Thanks to
> numerical sensors, different kind of data (force, torque, displacement,
> velocity, etc.) could be extracted from the simulation.
> Hello, I am developing the openmeca software. openmeca is a scientific
> software especially designed for teaching mechanical dynamics. I started this
> development a long time ago (8 years) and I think that the program is correct
> now.
> I propose to work myself on the packaging. By following the FAQ instructions,
> I just made a first version of the sourc...

e and binary package. However, I

> probably need help from debian mentors to improve the quality of the package.
> Best regards, Damien.


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