Subject: Re: bind9-resolvconf.service

On 02/08/17 03:41 PM, Yuriy M. Kaminskiy wrote:
> (BTW, я с некоторым удивлением обнаружил, что не знаю, а где эти самые
> drop-in вообще описаны в man? ни в systemd.directives, ни в systemd.unit
> я их не обнаружил 8-0)
systemd 234-2
только что набрал man systemd.unit и увидел там про drop-in:

Along with a unit file foo.service, a "drop-in"
directory foo.service.d/ may exist. All files with the
suffix ".conf" from this directory will be parsed after
the file itself is parsed. This is useful to alter or
add configuration settings for a unit, without having
to modify unit files. Each drop-in file must have
appropriate section headers. Note that for instantiated
units, this logic will first look for the instance
".d/" subdirectory and read its ".conf" files, followed
by the template ".d/" subdirectory and the ".conf"
files there. Also note that settings from the
"[Install]" section are not honored in drop-in unit
files, and have no effect.

In addition to /etc/systemd/system, the drop-in ".d"
directories for system servi...

ces can be placed in
/lib/systemd/system or /run/systemd/system directories.
Drop-in files in /etc take precedence over those in
/run which in turn take precedence over those in /lib.
Drop-in files under any of these directories take
precedence over unit files wherever located. Multiple
drop-in files with different names are applied in
lexicographic order, regardless of which of the
directories they reside in.

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