Subject: Bug#850950: unblock: debian-design/3.0.4

Severity: normal
User: [email protected]
Usertags: unblock

Please unblock package debian-design

(I'm speaking with my piuparts hat on, I have no interest in
debian-design (nor do I know what that package is good for ...))

debian-design seems to be the only package that missed the Jan 5
migration deadline (at age 14) solely due to being blocked by a
piuparts failure (piuparts test is killed after a timeout). That issue
is not trivially reproducible outside of piuparts, seems to be related
to a problem in needsrestart (#826044) and is now tracked in piuparts
as #850948. It does not seem to be a problem in debian-design itself.
Since evaluating piuparts results in britney is a quite new feature,
please let that new package still into stretch.

unblock debian-design/3.0.4
ignore-piuparts debian-design/3.0.4


PS: there were more packages rightfully being blocked by piuparts
failures and regressions, those now have corresponding RC bugs :-)


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