Subject: Re: [pkg-go] Bug#856139: Bug#856139: certspotter:
long description advertises commercial service

❦ 7 août 2017 18:12 GMT, "Dr. Bas Wijnen" <[email protected]> :

>> We have all kind of software advertising non-free services. Search for
>> "Google" or "Amazon". The comparison is even unfair as the service
>> advertised here is available as free software (not the case for most
>> services from Amazon and Google we advertise).
> If other packages are worse, that means they should be fixed, not that this
> should be allowed.
>> Example: [s3cmd]
> How is this not in contrib? This software is useless without the non-free
> service (which is also software, and it is not in main) from Amazon. Policy
> even mentions as an example for things in contrib: wrapper packages or other
> sorts of free accessories for non-free programs. That's exactly what
> this is.
> I didn't know that this was in main, and I expect most others to not know
> either. But I don't think they should be. I wouldn't expect this to be
> controversial, but it seems that it is, given that you suggest they obviously
> belong in main?
> To be clear: the sort of software (of this type) I expect in main is like
> mumble: it connects to a server, and you can connect to a commercially hosted
> server if you want to, but you can also run your own server, because it's free
> software. If the mumble server would not be free, and the only way to use the
> client was to connect to a commercial server, mumble should not be in main.
> As I wrote, I expected there to be consensus on this. Am I incorrect about
> that?

In this case, free S3 implementations exist (like S...

wift, available
in Debian). However, it is easy to find other packages interacting with
proprietary services without a free implementation. For example, any
package interacting with Google Cloud (golang-google-cloud package).
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