Subject: wanted: educate us please on key dongles

Continuing from IRC:
It would be nice if someone knowledgeable could educate the rest of us about
physical key dongles -- a number of DDs/DMs/contributors still keep their
secret keys on a regular disk, and could use a primer. Me included. I do
have a backup key with plenty of sigs that's stored securely, but my regular
key is on the same physical machine I test random software on.

There are docs available on the interwebs, but:
21:22 < lamby> The concept of following random docs/commands on the web in
order to get a "super secure" key makes me smie :)

There's GNUK ("out of stock"), Nitrokey and others -- but how do they
differ? Actually, at this point it would be easier to skip the details and
say "if you don't know any better, buy X".

Thus: can I has "key dongles for dummies", plz?

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