Subject: Bug#286917: [PATCH] fix endless loop in local

Le 29 avr. 10 à 17:06, Wesley W. Terpstra a écrit :
Well, what I mean is that as long as the firewall doesn't have any connections of its own. Which is pretty typical for a firewall, I'd say.

Well, depends. The initial submitter had MTA running on his firewall, which is not entirely silly, and exposed the bug. But yeah, it doesn't happen if the firewall doesn't make any connection of its own.
> I'll try this now and see if I can make the problem appear and then
> disappear.

Ok, I've gotten it to appear:
Apr 29 16:44:37 orange inetd[17916]: ident/tcp server failing (looping), service terminated for 10 min
Apr 29 16:44:37 orange bidentd[18702]: 57372, 22 :  :
Apr 29 16:44:37 orange bidentd[18701]: 57372, 22 :  :

... a minor note: if you load ip_conntrack, you need to recreate the connection after loading it, or the problem doesn't appear.

That's expected since the lookup only happens at connection init.
Also, you might consider merging my manpage fixes upstream. They're needed for UTF-8 terminals.

I'm pondering cleaning up/rewriting the code. I've spotted a few other problems. If I get around to doing that, maybe I'll step up to maintain the code while I'm there, if that can help.

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