Subject: The Globalist Elite, Global Governance, Synthetic
Religion for the New World & David Ray Griffin

--- In [email protected], "angiesept11" <[email protected]...> wrote:     Creepy Demolition Promoters & Request for Demolition Links & Info     Think about the many so-called 911 truth advocates who previously not
only shied away from speaking about the demolition of the towers as
inside-job evidence, but actively encouraged others to do likewise,
i.e., Mike Ruppert as the best example. Too tired to look for links
now, but if that's news to anyone, email me and I'll hunt them up.
(Actually wait, below this post, I've copied an email exchange I had
two years ago about Ruppert & demolition on a 911 list. It's a
lengthy exchange but will fill anyone in who missed this stuff. Nikos
Levis is one of the exchange participants. Levis co-opted ny911truth
and used to be Northeast Coordinator for the national &
he's ment...

ioned again later in this post below.*)

Now, however, some organizations who have shown themselves to be fake
are sponsoring lectures focused on the 9/11 demolitions. Very

David Ray Griffin, author of two 9-11 books, one of which was one of
the first 9/11 books to include mention of the demolition of buildings
theory, and who was on C-SPAN recently, is about to give three 911
presentations apparently solely focused on the demolition angle. (1
in CT, tonight I think, & 2 upcoming ones in NYC this month)

l="nofollow" href="">

For background on Griffin and the creepy reason why I think he wants
911 exposed see:
And I see some of that creepy reason in the advertisement of his books
on the flyer. Griffin wants to create a synthetic religion for the
new world, one-world gov't, order. Here's a quote from him:

"Our efforts toward global governance must be two-pronged: at the
same time as the case is being made for the necessity and possibility
of global government, people in various religious and philosophical
traditions need to be interpreting those traditions, probably through
a combination of retrieval and reformation, so as to reveal and
emphasize their support for this transition to world unity. . . My
major project at present is, in fact, to develop a theology for a new
world order . . ."


As you can see from the flyer posted above, WBAI radio, a Pacifica
station in NY and a known gatekeeper - is also co-sponsoring these 3
demolition focused events. Left gatekeeper Amy Goodman of WBAI who
often reads reports mentioning "hijackers", once had Griffin on her
show. Griffin indicated he was advised shortly before going on-air
that it wouldn't be a one-on-one interview after all, but instead be
with one of those cruder than most anti-conspiracy people for a debate.

And ny911truth, another sponsor of these Griffin demolition
appearances, also was co-opted & is a local branch of the national
gatekeeper organization (Mention of the national, along with evidence that they're fake on 911, is all
over my website, along with the evidence against too,
of whom I was a member before it was co-opted).
One guy, Les Jamieson, I think is really ny911truth now, along with
unfamiliar benefactors. He runs the website, the phone line (you can
hear his latest recorded announcement by dialing 212-714-7147), writes
their newsletters with the agendas for planning meetings, writes
summaries of all planned & past events, etc., etc. He is also, I
see from the national website, its "Northeast Program
(Formerly this position was held by Nikos Levis, whose title that
website reveals is now their "NY Correspondent". Levis is mentioned
above as one of those fake 911 activists who discouraged demolition
stuff in the movement (as can be seen in his own email copied below.)
Actually, Levis' is the exception to my theory (which thus makes the
theory true&#61514;), because he's an insincere 911 activist who still to
this day says he believes the towers came down as per the official
story, as can be seen by the very recent article in a New York
mainstream newspaper called Newsday, published on 10/1/05, where he's
quoted as follows: "He believes that planes did bring down the twin
towers, but he also believes government operatives played a role."),0,16477\

The Urantia's connections of Les Jamieson, of both ny911truth and
911truth, are below in a short bio of him:
About creepy Urantia, see )

"Les Jamieson, Web Site Coordinator
Professionally, Les has fifteen years experience working in New York
City as a freelance web developer and business graphics designer in a
wide variety of industries. Also, Les has worked as a professional
guitarist from 1969 through 1996. Since coming to New York in 1985,
Les has played for hundreds of fund raising, corporate, and social events.

Les serves as a board member and webmaster for two interfaith
organizations, The Temple of Understanding and Interfaith Council of
New York. He serves in the same capacity for the Urantia Book Society
of Greater New York. He attended the Parliament of World Religions in
Cape Town, South Africa in 1999. Les is using his expertise to utilize
the internet as a medium for religious reconciliation and bringing
about a new spiritual planetary consciousness"\

The final sponsor of the Demolition lectures is MUJCA, that other
lihop joint-religion thing that Griffin is a part of.

So, the demolition angle is now being pushed by people with creepy
agendas. And since they've got resources behind 'em, this demolition
angle will get louder.

How Controlled Demolitions Could Show Inside Job & Request for Info &
Links on Time For Demolition Preparation

In earlier posts, and at , I've provided
excerpts from a few of the recently released post-911 interview
transcripts of firefighters which reveal that there was advance
knowledge of all 3 building collapses on 9/11, with even more than 2
hours advance knowledge of the collapse of WTC7, just more evidence
that they were controlled demolitions. Advance knowledge of the
collapses demonstrates inside-job, because as is widely known, the
structures were built to withstand plane hits; fires haven't
previously felled any steel structures before; nor was the extent of
the fires seen on 9/11 in the buildings anyway so extreme or
extraordinary to prompt such speculation, so nobody would sensibly
expect or guess that demolitions were to happen; remember, this was
part of the shock and awe of it all. It proves inside job if you
believe that arab terrorists did not have the kind of access to the
structures (or special weapons) they'd need to make the necessary
demolition preparations that only insiders - people having special
access to the buildings ? would have. (Unless, that is, you accept
the story of Jimmy-Walter-European-Tour-promoted "whistle-blower"
Willie Rodriguez, the way he likes to tell it, about him seeing one of
the named arab hijackers casing the WTC weeks before 9/11. (See
So, those who knew that the buildings were going to collapse before
they did either had to be a part of the demolition plot or following
orders, being directed by those that did. The promotion of Griffin's
Demolition lectures notes that:

"Dr. Griffin will be speaking about the recently-released archives of
police, firefighter and citizen responses on 9/11/2001 (this Thursday
in Connecticut and on 10/15 in NYC). According to Dr. Griffin and
others, those archives strengthen the already-formidable case that the
Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were destroyed in controlled
demolitions with explosives."

Maybe Griffin's actually read all 503 interview statements and has
lots more stuff demonstrating controlled demolition? Anyone attending
the Connecticut lecture, please report back, or provide any links to
articles Griffin will write on it or articles written about the first

Now, if controlled demolition gets some traction since spooks with
resources are now promoting it, those of us that want to expose 911
for non-creepy reasons need to have some info & links at our fingertips.

So, what are solid estimates of demolition preparation time required
currently for a building like WTC7, and based on what backup evidence?
Remember, controlled demolition of say, WTC7, will only show 9-11 to
be an inside job if it takes more than a day to prepare for it,
otherwise even if WTC7 demolition evidence is revealed, it can be put
off as either a simple property crime/insurance fraud exploitation of
the arab terrorist driven tragedy by someone who took the opportunity
presented by those arab terrorists to collect even more insurance
money by demolishing his own building, etc., or as a way to protect
the city from a weakened structure that they thought could harm more
if it fell in whatever direction by itself and so helped it along to
come straight down in its own footprint. Those explanations won't be
tenable if demolition preparation takes more than a day. Also, can
demolitions be carried out without special access to the structures
themselves with some special weapons and if so, who possesses such

Soon after 9/11, I remember looking around and "a few weeks" seemed to
be the minimum time required to prepare a building for demolition.
Nico, at last month's meetup, you said info since then has indicated
the time is much shorter - as little as 3 days was it? I don't
remember. And the info came from the website of one of the demolition
companies? Who has got the links on this issue? Not vague - there
simply wasn't enough time -, instead specifically best estimates of
how long to prepare a demolition for a building of this type, based on
advertisements, based on prior demolition of buildings of this type,
based on the current state of demolition science & technology, based
on whatever makes intrinsic sense. Thanks anyone.

---   The very thought of accurate information coming from the globalist
elite (and/or from their various and sundry disciples from any of the
many disciplines of human life they attempt to steer or construct -
religious, spiritual, political, whatever) should give anyone pause.
It would only be done if accurate information was part of the game
plan - unless you believe that there could be honest to goodness,
sincere rogue ex-global-elitists or their employees, not of the
limited hangout variety, that actually could or would turn on their
masters. I don't. Never saw or heard of one before in all of
history. Statistical probability makes it unlikely in the future.
(Re: employees, I'm talking about intelligent, high level employees
who were smart enough to know better & knew what they were doing.)
These are the people who keep clean water and sufficient food from
1/3 of the human population and so warp the thoughts and souls of
us-other-two-thirds (with their steering & construction of the various
disciplines) that we accept it. So, if accurate information were
released by them, then clearly mere exposure doesn't do it for us. In
fact, if accurate information gets out without us being wide awake at
the wheel for the immediate ramifications, we'll all be guilty of
actually assisting them in whatever is their ultimate goal (presumably
genocide on even greater & permanent scales).   Mere truth is not the endgame, is it? You can't eat or breathe truth. It's what the truthgets us and the masses of humanity that is the endgame. If truth started to be disseminated by them, there'd necessarily be more to the story than we know about. It would mean exposure was really only a
means to an end for them, and that the ends would be much more
unpalatable than what they've already managed to achieve with 9-11 and
what it has wrought thus far. We should be on guard for such
circumstances so we can prepare as necessary. If the truth were
exposed, the shit would certainly hit the fan & it's how that shit is
cleaned up that matters. So, whether we get lucky, or they actually
help us expose it, we've got to be ready. If they help present the
problem - WHETHER false or true (and that's the variable here up for
discussion) - we've got to assume that, as usual, they'll also present
the solution - with all the resources at their disposal to promote and
persuade us that their solution is the only way the world can operate
in light of the problem, only it won't be our solution.   And if exposure was part of their game plan all along, it means they have a
big head start - they've been preparing for it, planning for it, while
we've been focused on the mere exposure, part 1. And the moment they
decide to disseminate it, means the cards will start tumbling really
fast because if they want something disseminated it will spread like
wildfire as much as they desire since they're the ones in charge of
all the major dissemination outlets. Thus, if we even get a whiff
that they might be helping us along, we should be searching for clues,
perhaps from those doing the helping. They leave lots of paper
trails, but the paper trails are very dense and hard to understand.
All this is to say that we should, in fact, care if the truth starts
coming from their mouths.

Of course I believe that such a thing is unlikely. It's much more
likely that if they're disseminating the truth, that we're actually
the ones mistaken about what the truth is and need to give it a second
and third look. Just that we should keep our eyes open for
suspicious, CFR, or other in any way related global elite connected
truth-tellers and always, always, always look a gift horse in the
mouth when it comes to anything political.     Angie - 911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)  

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