Subject: [gjs] (17 commits) Non-fast-forward update to
branch wip/ptomato/mozjs38

The branch 'wip/ptomato/mozjs38' was changed in a way that was not a
fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more
please see:

Commits removed from the branch:

6fd49fd... WIP - mozjs38

Commits added to the branch:

4a19b11... build: Build with mozjs38
d361934... js: AutoValueVector's [] operator is rooted
14b3279... js: Adapt to new JS_NewObject() API
7b6fb1f... js: Adapt to new JS_DefinePropertyById() API
f28ae2b... js: Rename JS_CallHeapFooTracer()
44aab7d... js: Discontinue JSClass stubs
4d0f498... js: Adapt to new JS_SetErrorReporter() API
9bedeba... constructor-proxy: Adapt to new js::DirectProxyHandler API
3e178ae... runtime: Adapt to new JSFinalizeCallback
e95df70... WIP - Adapt to new mozilla::Maybe API
1fa4453... WIP - Adapt to new signature of resolve operation
95824a6... WIP - js: Remove JSCLASS_NEW_RESOLVE where not used
749c4ce... WIP - Use PersistentRooted in GjsCallbackTrampoline
55a74df... WIP - object.cpp weak pointer callback
e76916f... WIP - Switch to new JSClass.enumerate
ad63fe1... WIP - Adapt to new JS::Heap API
55ca645... WIP - mozjs38
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