Subject: Re: [CentOS] Btrfs going forward, was: Errors on
an SSD drive

> For SSDs all the sauce is in the firmware. If the model and firmware
> were all the same, it is more likely to be a firmware bug than it is
> to be a Btrfs bug. There are absolutely cases where Btrfs runs into
> problems that other file systems don't, because Btrfs is designed to
> detect them and others aren't. There's a reason why XFS and ext4 have
> added metadata checksumming in recent versions. Hardware lies.
> Firmware has bugs and it causes problems. And it can be months before
> it materializes into a noticeable problem.
In my experience I have seen drives that will work flawlessly under
Windows/NTFS but fail spectacularly under Linux. And EVERY time it
turned out to be a firmware bug.


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