Subject: Re: [CentOS] Btrfs going forward, was: Errors on
an SSD drive

Warren Young wrote:

What do they suggest as a replacement?


Can I use that now?

The main downside to Stratis I see is that it looks like 1.0 is scheduled to coincide
with RHEL 8, based on the release dates of RHELs past, which means it won’t
have any kind of redundant storage options to begin with, not even RAID-1, the only
meaningful RAID level when it comes to comparing against btrfs.

Redundancy is required.

How do you install on an XFS that is adjusted to the stripe size and the number
units when using hardware RAID? I tried that, without success.

What if you want to use SSDs to install the system on? That usually puts
RAID of the question.

The claim is that “enterprise” users don’t want software RAID anyway, so they
don’t need to provide it in whatever version of Stratis ships with EL 8. I think my reply to that
holds true for many of us CentOS users:

That leaves them unable to overcome the disadvantages of hardware RAID.
I don´t want the performance penalty MD brings about even as a home user.
Same goes for ZFS. I can´t tell yet how the penalty looks with btrfs,
only that I haven´t noticed any yet.

And that brings back the question why nobody makes a hardware ZFS controller.
Enterprise users would probably love that, provided that the performance issues
could be resolved.

I’m all for making the current near-manual LVM2 + MD + DM + XFS lash-up more
integrated and automated,

I´m more for getting rid of it. Just try to copy a LV into another VG,
when the VG resides on different devices. Or try to make a snapshot in another
because the devices the...

source of the snapshot resides on don´t have enough free

LVM lacks so much flexibility that it is more a cumbersome burdon than anything
I have lost a whole VM when I tried to copy it, thanks to LVM. It was so
that the LV somehow vanished, and I still don´t know what happened. No more

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