Subject: Re: [CentOS] Light-weight window manager,

I use Xfce. Got into it on my arm boards with Fedora-arm, and run it on my notebook with Fedora_x64.

Thing is that it is not a group for Centos, you have to do the install by apps which I can help with, as I have installed it on a ClearOS7 server. A few things ARE missing and I really need to submit a bug report about that...

But Xfce is really good to work with.


On 08/04/2017 05:32 PM, [email protected] wrote:
So, I've mentioned that I've got an original netbook, circa 2009, and I'm
going to put CentOS on it. 32 bit. Not huge disk, old Atom processor, not
tons of memory. Any recommendations for a light-weight window manager?

Before I went to KDE, I used fvwm2, and all I'm going to do is use it to
read webmail and browse, read news, etc, so I don't need a lot.


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