Subject: Re: [CentOS] VDQ Repos for CentOS 7

Am 04.08.2017 um 19:01 schrieb Beartooth:

I have a woefully dumb question. When I tell my wife's laptop,
with CentOS 7 installed and a live ethernet cable plugged into it, "yum
update," it fails saying that it doesn't see any repos. What do I need
to do to?

Without a precise error messge (copy & paste what is printed out) it is hard to judge.

rpm -V centos-release

If that command does not print out anything then the default CentOS repo definitions are there and set. I then would guess the laptop does not have internet connectivity. Validate that

ip a s

prints out a valid network address. And that

ip r s

has a valid route to reach the internet.

Is any internet address like reachable from the system?


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