Subject: [Dev] Stratos 2.0 Alpha Released

WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Alpha is ready for download at [1] and the documentation is available at [2][3][4][5] and [6]. A pre-installed virtualbox image ready for running
demos is downloadable at [7].

You can submit issues at [8] and [9].

WSO2 Stratos 2.0 is the next major version of WSO2 Stratos 1.x, the most complete, enterprise-grade, open PaaS, with support for more core services than any other available PaaS today.

The core new features in this release include

  • Artifact Distribution Coordinator (ADC) with Git and Github integration support
  • Pluggable architecture support for adding new cartridges
  • PHP and MySQL and WSO2 carbon cartridges(ESB, AS etc) support
  • Elastic Load Balancer(ELB) with Cartridge support
  • Autoscaling into different IaaS(EC2, Openstack)
  • S2 Cloud Controller
  • Multiple IaaS support(EC2, Openstack) through jclouds API's
  • git based deployment synchronizer
  • Interactive CLI
  • Custom domain mapping support
  • <...

    li>Local deployment setup
  • Examples
  • Documentation(Installation Guide, User Guide and Architecture Guide) 
  • Demo Ready virtualbox image

[1] Product can be downloaded from : [2] User Guide :


[3] Architecture Guide :
[4] Installation Guide : [5] Cartridge Developer Guide :
[6] Openstack IaaS installation Guide :
[7] Demo virtualbox image :
[8] Issue Tracker: http...


[9] Openstack IaaS Issue Tracker :

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