Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Output file name problem (maybe a
bug in wget)

Tomasz Machnik wrote:
> I think there is a problem with wget. On some sites downloaded file has
> incorrect name. For example - files downloaded from site
> have incorrect name.
> Example: go to
> +lwicy+(Heart+of+a+Lioness)/podzielone/ and try to download a file (for
> example 'sercelwicy.part600.rar' This site requires cookies, but it is
> no problem (I'm using Firefox with Flashgot and wget - it works). I can
> download this file but filename is:
> 'File.aspx?id=xxxxxxxx&vid=xxxxxxxx&tk=xxxxxxx&t=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&d=xx&k=xxxxxxx&name=sercelwicy.part600.rar'
> (should be 'sercelwicy.part600.rar')
> Other programs (for example aria2) works fine - filename is correct.
> Problem is only with wget.

If you have GNU Wget 1.11 or later, see the --content-disposition option.

Micah J. Cowan
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