Subject: bug#25407: ls documentation should reflect file
system atime setting

On 01/09/2017 10:32 AM, Scott Deerwester wrote:
> This behavior should be
> prominently documented in the man page for ls under the -u option.

Thanks for mentioning the issue. Although it's worth documenting I'm not
sure it belongs in the ls man page, which is supposed to be quite terse.
Instead, I documented it in the coreutils manual (which is the primary
documentation for 'ls' anyway) by installing the attached. The first
patch is a minor cleanup, the second the real doc change.

Attachment: 0001-maint-standardize-on-timestamp-as-per-POSIX.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0002-doc-cover-file-timestamps-better.patch
Description: Source code patch


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