Subject: Re: how to prevent directory
traversal withmodsecurity2

You could use a rule similar to this –


SecRule REQUEST_URI "\.\." "phase:1,log,deny,msg:'Directory Traversal Attack Detected'"


The only issue to be aware of is to make sure you verify exactly which transformation functions may be inherited with this rule.  If it applies the normalisePath function ( it will not match as it will remove the .. characters.  It is for these types of reasons that you should always turn up the debug log level and review your new rule processing with some tests.


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I am novice at modsecurity


I installed mod_security2 on apache2.0.59...


I couldn't find  how to prevent directory traversal with modsecurity2 .

I know that with modsecurity1. But I couldn't find for modsecurity2.

How can I get useful examples about that ?



Thanks a lot.

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