Subject: Re: default kickstart configuration (beyond


I finally got to work on this and came up with this PR for master:
We could consider it for f26 if it is useful for Atomic.


On 15.2.2017 16:03, Colin Walters wrote:
I'd like to fix:

Right now for Atomic Host, we embed the ostree content inside the squashfs,
with the goal that users of the ISO don't have to hit the network. We hook
bits into
interactive-defaults.ks; see this change for how it works:

However, if one wants to then extract the ISO to do a kickstart install, the
user must repeat the `ostreesetup` bits:[email protected]/message/M6CEAGA3RGXZLSZ5GWSCTMMOV5OOXUUN/

Specifically from his attachment:
ostreesetup --osname="fedora-atomic" --remote="fedora-atomic"
--url="file:////run/install/repo/content/repo" --ref="fedora-atomic/25/x86_64/docker-host" --nogpg

which is really internal implementation details that I'd like the ability to
without breaking people's kickstarts, and conversely not require them to specify
by default.

Are there any facilities today for a "default kickstart" like
/usr/share/anaconda/interactive-defaults.ks, except not just interactive?


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