Subject: [Gmail-Users] Re: Moving email from GoDaddy to
Google Apps

OK I found the answer to this myself in a different forum. I'll post
here with some changes in case this will help someone faster.

Assuming you have a domain and email account at GoDaddy with the
following email address [email protected] and you want to
create a Google Apps account with the same domain name and email
address and copy or move all the contents from you inbox and sent
folders to the inbox and sent folders of your Google Apps account.....
here is how to do it.

1) Create your Google Apps account with the domain
using some other email address (that is not this one or any other
address uses as the primary or secondary address of a Google
account). Set the admin email address to be
[email protected] Do the CNAME verification process
(follow the steps outlined by Google) to verify you actually own the
domain name.

2) If you want all of your sent messages moved to your Google Apps
email sent folder (and co...

nversations), then log into your GoDaddy web-
mail account and go to your sent folder. Select to show 400/page.
Then click the check mark to select all. The choose move to InBox.
Don't worry, just do it. The Mail Fetcher only fetches from the
InBox, Google will sort it out on the other end.

3) Sign into the new Google Apps account and enter the inbox for
"firstname". Click settings at top and then the accounts tab, then
under "Get mail from other accounts" click "Add an account you own".
This is the beginning of the Google Mail Fetcher process.

4) Here is the key. On the ...

window that appears "DO NOT" enter
"[email protected]". It won't let you anyway because it is
the address of this account already. Instead enter a bogus user name
followed by the correct domain. For example
[email protected] (you can delete this later if you want
after you have fetched all your emails)

5) Now enter the correct information in the next window that appears.
For GoDaddy this looks like "[email protected]", your GoDaddy
web-mail password, "" and "110". Then make the
choices you want below. I labeled my messages as "Imported" but you
do not have to and just to be safe I left a copy of the messages back
on the GoDaddy server. If you leave the other boxes unchecked, this
will put all the messages into your inbox and sent folders just like
before. However there is one big difference, Google will also
organize both the received and sent messages into conversations in the
inbox just like what is normal in (and we love about) Gmail. Hit

rn and let it go...... if a few minutes it will populate your
inbox and sent folders. If you want it to keep searching the Google
email over time, just leave it. Otherwise you can go in and delete
the bogus entry under "Add an account you own". You might want to
wait 48 hours before you do this (see step 6 below),

6) Now immediately go to
to change your MX records in your GoDaddy account. I recommend using
the link at the beginning to automatically change them. It is very
fast and very easy. You just need your GoDaddy main domain account
log-in and password (not your web-mail log-in). So simple. This will
redirect all new email directl to your Google Apps account.. They say
this change can take up to 48 hours. I sent a test email immediately
after doing it and the change had already happened. My test email
showed up in my Google account and NOT in my GoDaddy account. Done.

On Aug 2, 5:09 pm, Peter <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am sure someone has asked this before,,, but I can' find it.   I
> want to move my email inbox and sentbox from GoDaddy to a new Google
> Apps account.  From what I read I plan to put all my sentbox emails
> into my inbox and then use Google's mail Fetcher application through
> POP3.  
>  (See
> However, I am concerned about the fact that my new google account is
> set up with the same email address as the GoDaddy account.  In other
> words, is registered and hosted at GoDaddy and I just want
> to move my email account [email protected] to Google Apps under the same
> email name [email protected]
> Can I set up the account in Google Apps and fetch the emails over from
> GoDaddy from and to the same email address?   If so, when do I change
> the MX records at GoDaddy?   Does anyone know the exact process to
> transfer an existing email address from GoDaddy to Google Apps
> including the fetching of emails from GoDaddy?
> Peter

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