Subject: [android-developers] Linking to Amazon MP3 Store
on Nexus One

We used to be able to link to a search page on the Amazon MP3 app
through the method described here:

However, it looks like the Nexus One shipped with a newer version of
the Amazon MP3 Store app (version 1.6) and this method of linking now
results in an exception:

E/AndroidRuntime(10851): java.lang.SecurityException: Permission
Denial: starting Intent { act=android.intent.action.SEARCH (has extras) } from
ProcessRecord{43cd17f0 10851:com.myTestApp/10054} (pid=10851,
uid=10054) requires null

Does anyone know what this means? Is Amazon explicitly trying to stop
other apps from linking to them, or do I just need to adjust something
in my app?

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