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Re: [users@httpd] Updating to php 7.0 and having apache still work?

On Fri, 28 Sep 2018 16:12:03 -0600, @lbutlr stated:

>Once again I have tried, and failed, to move from php 5.6 to php 7.0 (using
>postmaster under FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE). The results are largely the same,
>php pages don’t load either "Primary script unknown” or complaints about
>filter(0 (which is built in to both php56 and php70).
>I’m sure this is all my doing.
>So… is there a decent document or how-to or step-by-step on how to updated
>the php under apache without everything in apache breaking?
>(php itself works fine, it’s the integration with apache 2.24 that I keep
>managing to FUBAR. Currently on apache 2.4.35)

I am running FreeBSD 11.2 p4 / amd64 with php72 install. I upgrade from php56
as follows.

First I got a list of all the php56 modules installed

pkg info -r php56 > php56-modules.txt

That probably will not list the "/www/mod_php56" module though.

Anyway, shut down anything using php if possible and then delete all of the
the php pots listed INCLUDING php itself.

Add the following to the "/etc/make.conf" file:


Seriously though, why not install 7.2 and be done with it.

Now install php 7.0 and "lang/php70-extensions". Be sure to configure it to
install the extensions you need. Install any ones from your list that are not
included in the package by hand. You will have to install the "mod_php70"
manually also.

Now, restart apache24, or better yet, just do a reboot of your machine to
insure it all works correctly.

That worked for me and I updated to php72. Oh, I used poudriere to update,
although synth would probably work also. I never had any luck with
portmaster. You might be better off doing the update entirely manually.