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[users@httpd] apachectl -k graceful

If I do an apache2ctl -k graceful on Ubuntu (or service httpd restart in CentOS), using mod_php and a max_execution_time = 30 in php.ini, then is there any reason why the server would take more than say 1 minute to serve all requests with the new php.ini + Apache configuration (+ php files)?

I know max_execution_time doesn't include system calls, so if a large file were being uploaded and simultaneously thumbnailed at various sizes with imagemagick or something, then it could take more than 30 seconds.

I'm asking because I'm doing DevOps and I don't want to introduce delay into deployments (which already take 15 minutes), but I feel that if I'm deploying new PHP files (MediaWiki), then each client request should get a consistent set of files, rather than mixed content from two different releases which could happen if I just deploy updates without making a simultaneous graceful restart.