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Re: Patches related to HTML output by Apache httpd itself

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 7:04 AM Nick Kew <niq@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> These would be better submitted to bugzilla at, where someone
> might adopt them.
Ah, thank you for this info!  I'll do that soon.
> However, I should point out that there's nothing wrong with the existing stuff.
> If I were to refactor the error messages, I'd be looking to take all remaining
> actual HTML out of the server itself, and into documents (or templates) under
> the control of the sysop.
Invalid HTML is inherently wrong, and there's also no need to tell
browsers to render in quirks mode by intentionally using an old
Good idea though, to move the HTML into their own documents.
> (And I wouldn't touch your indexhtml with a bargepole)!
I'll make a new diff with less drastic changes.