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Re: Time To Propose Your ApacheCon 2019 Project Summit

We've traditionally had a day or two of content for httpd... has anyone added an item to the form? I cannot see the backing database/spreadsheet in the apachecon gsuite location...

If not, I can propose and coordinate the track... hopefully with others (Daniel?, Bill?) who are also on planners@, providing backup as I become busy at the start of the semester.
Daniel Ruggeri

On November 27, 2018 8:30:51 AM CST, Rich Bowen <rbowen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Save the date: ApacheCon North America will be held in Las Vegas, at the
Flamingo Hotel, September 9th through 12th, 2019. This is our 20th
anniversary event, and we really want you, your project, and its
community, to be involved.

If you want to be part of making this event happen, please join the
privately-archived planners@ mailing list by sending email to
planners-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx from your email address.

A call for presentations will be announced soon. You should start giving
some thought to what story your project wants to tell at this event, and
working with your project community to craft presentations around that

We will have a number of spaces for projects to conduct project summits,
hackathons, or mini-conferences, lasting anywhere from a half day to the
entire four days of the event.

If your project, or group of several related projects, would like to
claim an entire track (one, two, or three days of content) and craft
that story yourselves, please propose your track or summit here:

The deadline for proposing a project/topic event is January 7th, (The
first Monday of the new year) so that we can reflect these topics in the

If your project holds your own standalone events(s) please consider
co-locating with ApacheCon this coming year. We’ll help you promote your
event, both as part of ApacheCon, and as its own brand. You get the best
of both worlds - you get your own event, with control of your content,
and you get to be part of a larger convention with a broader audience.

This is your conference, and we are counting on you to step up and make
it yours.

Stay tuned for more information, on the planners list, and on our
Twitter account @apachecon. And we look forward to seeing you to see you
in Vegas in September!

Rich Bowen, VP Conferences, and the ApacheCon Planners