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Plan to add sandbox branch

In the coming week or so, I will be committing my load balance,
load determination and discovery work to a sandbox trunk. Many
people have asked for more info, so here we go.

Basically, this new feature uses nanomsg (nng) to implement the
SURVEY protocol between workers (nodes) and the front end server.
The proxy server will send out MEMBERSHIP and STATUS surveys, that
nodes can respond to; thus new nodes can automagically add themselves
as they come up as well as remove themselves when they restart or
shutdown via MEMBERSHIP. STATUS can be used to provide real-time
load on each node, which will be sent via a __packed__ struct,
ala NTP and other common usage patterns, in which 32bit fields are
converted from endian-ness to network and back. That STATUS info can
be used for "intelligent" load balancing and will provide some
typical server metrics such as memory, # of cpus, etc...