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Re: 2.4.38

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 6:05 PM Barry Pollard <barry_pollard@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 2/ it gives impression of immature and buggy software - this gives thoughts towards alternatives,  IRC shows many admins have no loyalty todays much of todays software (well, windows fanbois excepted.

Massively disagree. Frequent release to me give the impression of an actively maintained and evolving project. And there are a lot of changes in the HTTP space (HTTP/2, move to encryption, increased awareness on security...etc.).

That's contrary to how most see it, I held off replying to this thread because I wanted to put this out there, on our system admin group, which contains some 491 members from 29 countries, and includes some of the rather well known ISP and Hosting providers that are a lot bigger than a few soho admins, we are talking  just one of them alone hosts over 1 million websites, as of midnight, 143 replied,with 141 said they do consider a release often approach bad and have and will refuse to update unless a compelling in the wild creates reason to. the other 2 respondents said they don't care either way.

The mentioned dovecot in an earlier post is a classic example, we have for over 10 years been annoyed at its releases most because its a rushed bugfix which breaks something else and the cycle continues, we have members still using versions several years old because they consider them more stable, its long been a pet peave,

So I would air on the side of caution before this release often kreeps in.

You only have to look at the past few attempts (scrapped versions) to release apache to see the dangers in rush rush rush attitude.