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Re: 2.4.38

On 08/11/2018 19:11, Stefan Eissing wrote:

2. I think regular releases are good for the people here and motivate people from outside to contribute.
For people here.. what about the people not here, you know them, 99.99999999999999999% of them, the system admins responsible for all those servers out there, they do not appreciate having to update shit every 2 weeks.
1/ they have better things to do
2/ it gives impression of immature and buggy software - this gives thoughts towards alternatives,  IRC shows many admins have no loyalty todays much of todays software (well, windows fanbois excepted)
3/ As a consequence of 1 & 2, they will not upgrade, this might be trivial for little thigs, but when a nasty bug comes out, this is what comes to mind"  oh fsck it, we just upgraded httpd  last week, screw it, we'll wait" - they get bitten, CIOs demand heads, remaining souls dump httpd and install nginx or some other alternative
4/ dont be fooled into thinking  its the package managers role, many networks run on RedHat EL, SuseEL, and debian, but far from all - and even those distro package maintainers get sick to F'n death of it after a while and skip updates.
Do not be delusional - this has happened many times before.
I give you dovecot as example, it wasnt that long ago a new release was coming out weekly, sometimes only a few days apart, people get sick of updating, some people are still today running versions a year old because of it, I know of a few who moved to "courier", an oldy but a goody.
The release often mentality might be good for a new nurturing project, but that is not httpd.
System admins want stability.
flame away.....

Kind Regards,

Noel Butler

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