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Re: 2.4.38

> Am 07.11.2018 um 16:15 schrieb Jim Jagielski <jim@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Now that we have a 2.4.37 out, one in which the number of enhancements and fixes and feature were limited, it makes sense to consider having a 2.4.38 release somewhat "soonish", esp considering the number of backports that lack only a single vote.
> Comments?

I am all for it. And I have reasons! :-)

1. We are well on track to automate the whole thing nicely. We need some more iterations to make it tight. This is easier done in short intervals.
2. I think regular releases are good for the people here and motivate people from outside to contribute.
3. h2 and Let's Encrypt still get attention and there are some small improvements I'd like to throw out there. Nothing serious, just would be nice.