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Re: Load balancing and load determination

On 30.10.2018. 13:53, Jim Jagielski wrote:
As some of you know, one of my passions and area of focus is
on the use of Apache httpd as a reverse proxy and, as such, load
balancing, failover, etc are of vital interest to me.

Been a while, but seems I'm back :D
Love the idea to have more intelligent then "lets guess"
way of deducting the load balancer score.

What we did for heartbeat/heartmonitor/watchdog can be used
for collecting backend data.

The thing I'm trying to do is the way that backend can
register or remove itself as node inside load balancer.
That would also require some sort of backend-server communication,
shared memory management (mod_slotmem maybe), and a way to
survive graceful restart.

Backend sending its load status at regular intervals would
be addition to "I'm here, count me in" or
"I'm out, bye, good luck with other nodes".

What do you think?