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Re: TLSv1.3 supprt for 2.4.x?

On 09/03/2018 01:32 PM, Stefan Eissing wrote:
>> Am 03.09.2018 um 13:19 schrieb Joe Orton <jorton@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> On Mon, Sep 03, 2018 at 11:17:39AM +0200, Stefan Eissing wrote:
>>> Dear SSL care takers and stake holders,

>> IMO there is no problem with supporting it by default (not needing 
>> explicit +TLSv1.3) in 2.4.  Since "bleeding edge OpenSSL" is needed to 
>> enable it at build time, this isn't going to break production users on 
>> current systems.
> Interesting. If that is consensus, I'd revert my change from earlier today.