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Layout and best practices for the testing framework

Hi everybody,

I came up with to add some tests for PR 61860. The patch that I have in mind is for http_protocol, but for the moment the "visible" use case is that an out of range bytes request that leads to a 416 may include duplicate headers set via Header always set.

I can see several directories in the repo for the .t tests, like:

- apache, that contains various tests, some of them named "prXXXX".
- modules, that contains specific tests for some modules.
- filter (that could be a subdir of the above, but not sure).
- and finally some generic dirs like "ssl", "php", etc..

Same thing for the supporting httpd.conf's snippets as well.

Do we have some guidelines/conventions about where/how to add tests? I haven't found anything in our docs up to know, but I might have missed something.