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Re: [VOTE] Release httpd 2.5.0-alpha

Based on the copyright/licensing exception I noted earlier today, I have to vote -1. I'd expect the incubating rat tool could have caught this, but it is principally invoked against incubating candidates.

Now that the mod_md config changes are in place, I suspect we are ready for a second attempt.

Thanks for RM'ing!


On Nov 7, 2017 10:28 PM, "Daniel Ruggeri" <DRuggeri@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, all;

   Please find the proposed 2.5.0-alpha release tarballs and signatures
at the following location. This release candidate was tagged from trunk
as of r1814469:

I'd like to call a vote to release this alpha candidate. Please do note
- this is my first attempt at cutting a release and mistakes are likely.
Therefore, I'll let the vote run at least 10 days (possibly more as I
will be traveling to Dublin next week) and will greatly appreciate any
additional scrutiny the release tarball can be given.

Some notes to share after having executed the process for the first time:

* I'm not 100% sure on the proper syntax for an alpha candidate with the[1] script. I used "./ --tag 2.5.0-alpha alpha
httpd-2.5 2.5.0 'druggeri@xxxxxxxxxxx". This seems to have produced
desired results.

* I created two scripts[2] to automate the tagging of SVN and minor file
modifications associated with a release as well as the push of the
tarballs/signatures to the repo mirror. Unfortunately, I lack the karma
to commit to site/trunk. How do I obtain this karma?

* I'd like to make some updates to the documentation[3] about how to
produce releases to point out the existence of the new scripts and make
the process more clear. Same note about karma to site/ applies.

* The documentation mentioned to AP_SERVER_DEVBUILD_BOOLEAN to 0 for the
tagged release. I assume this still holds true for an alpha release.

* Blockers for automation really only seem to live around credential
management (svn password and keyring passphrase) and the conducting of
the vote itself over email. Kudos to everyone involved for putting
together the scripting that already exists!

* I'd like to create yet another script that does a pre-flight check for
a machine to ensure that the host it is run on has the dependencies all
of the above scripts need. Thing is, other than java for the docs build
and gpg... I'm not sure what those other things may be (or even if there
are any). Pointers welcome.





I'll be in Dublin next week if anyone would like to catch up!

Daniel Ruggeri