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Re: [VOTE] Allow for defect fix releases at httpd

> That's not quite fair.
> For me, to be honest, I couldn't quite understand the question at
> all... I had a real hard time parsing it. It looked like, by voting +1,
> I would also be agreeing to other things (like disallowing
> any new features or enhancements to any release) which
> would be unacceptable.

+1.  I’d be uneasy about that clause without a much more in-depth
review of its context, which isn’t going to work as a mailinglist
discussion (too confusing; TL;DR).

At the same time, I applaud what Bill is trying to do.  We have a
problem, we discuss it, the discussion goes nowhere, Bill makes
a valiant effort to take it somewhere.

But the context is complex: an existing process, multiple overlapping
mailinglist discussion threads, multiple candidate ideas.  And I’m not
convinced the proposed clause actually resolves the issues: it may
just leave us with a more complex process.

Sorry if the above is negative.  I promise to try and contribute
a positive suggestion!

Nick Kew