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Re: [VOTE] Allow for defect fix releases at httpd

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 2:21 PM, Paul Querna <paul@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> FTR I support moving to this versioning model.
> I tend to think the best way to accomplish it, is to "just start doing
> it".   Tag 2.6.0.  Then tag 2.7.0 when there are new features, etc.
> Of course, our versioning docs don't support this model, but the docs
> are a reflection of reality 15 years ago more so than current
> attitudes.  Make the docs reflect reality as it changes rather than
> upfront votes unless absolutely necessary.

> Is a vote like the above required to just start making minor releases
> that contain new features, and making patch releases only contain bug
> fixes?

I think something is needed to avoid other parts of the team putting
enhancements into 2.4 at the same time, or from throwing up their
hands at the prospect of N streams / STATUS files.