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Re: AW: A proposal...

>  I would say that leaves us with Perl, Python or
> something like that as base language.

The reasons I suggested Lua previously is because it's the only programming language modules found
in the sources of httpd:


mod_perl, mod_python and other languages modules are external to the project. I don't know if the
presence of a particular module for a programming language is actually needed but from the
documentation I've read about the Lua module is that it has excellent access to the inard of httpd
which would facilitate white box testing (I'd assume the current perl framework do the job for black
box testing).

As for platforms Lua run on: aix, bsd and {free,net,open}bsd, Linux, OSX, windows, solaris. Probably
some more.

> If we switch the framework we need to consider that with all gaps we have, we already have
> a large amount of tests in the current framework that need to be ported over time.

Sadly, yes.