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Re: Start using RCs (Was: Re: So... when should we do 2.4.34? [WAS: Re: Revisit Versioning? (Was: 2.4.3x regression w/SSL vhost configs)])

On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 6:36 AM, Daniel Ruggeri <DRuggeri@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> One more thing to point out that I didn't explicitly say in the previous message is that this suggestion implies the release branch regularly gets cut from trunk (rather than growing and diverging on its own). This helps avoid "locking" features in trunk indefinitely because of the time between Maj.Min bumps.

+1... the new development branch has the greatest activity level. Any patch
branch is picked from that current activity.

Any major rev refactoring should be proven up in a sandbox first. If it can
be automated (e.g. function renames or mass function updates as we had
for APLOGNO()), all the better to test and re-test against trunk.