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Re: A proposal...

> Hi,
> +1000 on my side for more tests.
> But, IMHO, the perl framework is complex to understand for most of us.

>From what I saw, the preferred scripting language having access to httpd's internal seem to be lua
at the present time. I also think that redoing (recoding) the testing framework to use Lua and get
to the point where sufficient testing (for regression and anything else) is possible is a huge
endeavor. I am also not aware of the history of httpd or its mailing list archive but I am willing
to invest some time to make that happen (I also have 5 days of course per week and a part-time job 1
day a week plus editorship on BLFS to work on but BLFS and test case of httpd will be done jointly).

Still, I will ask you all if reimplementation of the testing framework is possible / feasible in

my 0.02$