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Re: A proposal...

Just a side node, some days ago I just realized that the source package of the apache2 package in Debian seems to include the test suite for the purpose of running it as part of the continuous integration test 'run-test-suite':

In my recently provided bugfix (#62186) I included a change of the test suite, but so far it looks like it isn't integrated yet (do I really need to file a separate bugzilla in the other project for that?).

From the experience with doing so, I agree with others that in the long run maintaining some Perl-based test framework will probably make contributions pretty unpopular, especially for contributors that didn't work with Perl before.

For the addition of new regression tests (as others suggested) it would be pretty cool if they can be added in a somewhat more popular (scripting) language (Python and pytest were already mentioned). Yet the number of test frameworks to execute should stay at a manageable low number.

That being said, I am all for extending the use of any test framework.