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new module: mod_log_json

Morning dev@,

I just committed mod_log_json to trunk in r1829898.

Right now, to use it you need something like this:

    LogFormat "%^JS" json
    CustomLog "logs/access_log.json" json

Currently it has a static format of the JSON, and example message is like this:

  "log_id": null,
  "vhost": "",
  "status": "404",
  "proto": "HTTP\/1.1",
  "method": "GET",
  "uri": "\/x",
  "srcip": "",
  "bytes_sent": 199,
  "hdrs": {
    "user-agent": "curl\/7.54.0"

Some changes I'd like to figure out:

- Right now mod_log_json is a format string to mod_log_config -- this
is mostly to be able to leverage mod_log_config's support to write to
many outputs (files, buffered logs, pipes, programs, etc).

- Leveraging the existing mod_log_config format strings.  Exposing the
internal hash of callbacks isn't that hard, I experimented with adding
a hook of that here
but a bigger refactoring is needed to expose mod_log_config's parsing
of the format strings, rather than just their key-names.

- mod_log_json is not configurable right now, the format is static.
Obviously, being able to configure what is logged, what headers, etc
is valuable. I played with some options here, but wasn't happy with
it.  Any ideas?

- (small) I'd like to be able to log in RFC-3339 timestamps, in
JSON-world this seems like the most common format by far.  Just need
to do the work to export an apr_time_t that way, I don't think there
is existing code for that?