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[Bug 62930] [PATCH] server/ handle separate APR_INCLUDE_DIR/APU_INCLUDE_DIR

--- Comment #2 from Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
Thanks for calling it "broken" :-)

I am working on the Buildroot project ( a tool that builds
a Linux system from source for embedded systems, using cross-compilation. As
part of this, I am currently working on moving from a global compiler sysroot
design (where all libraries/headers are installed in a common location) to a
per-package compiler sysroot design (where the compiler sysroot only contains
the libraries/headers of the dependencies of that package).

With this design, when I build apr, the compiler sysroot initially contains
just the C library and headers. After apr is built, it contains C library +

Then, we build apr-util, we bring the apr compiler sysroot (C library + apr),
build apr-util and install it.

Then, we build apache, we bring the apr-util compiler sysroot (C library +
apr-util + apr) and build apache.

The thing is that APR_INCLUDEDIR will point to the compiler sysroot of apr
(which contains just the apr headers) and APU_INCLUDEDIR will point to the
compiler sysroot of apr-util (which contains both the apr and apr-util

This is how we end up in this situation, which I don't think is really

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