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[Bug 62668] httpd threads spinning at 100%

--- Comment #2 from Bernard Spil <brnrd@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
The version I roll back to to make this work (build date is also trunk date):
> # httpd -V
> Server built:   Jun 20 2018 18:28:30
> Server's Module Magic Number: 20180606:1

First version I have exhibiting the 100% CPU for multiple threads
> # httpd -V
> Server built:   Jul 17 2018 10:28:46
> Server's Module Magic Number: 20180716:2

Looking at the magic numbers I rolled back a bit further, trunk on 2018-07-11
is already problematic:
> # /usr/local/sbin/httpd -V
> Server's Module Magic Number: 20180711:1
Backtrace is in line with the attachment.

Magic number was bumped in and the
accompanying changes are the likely culprit.

Going back a couple commits on trunk to 2018-07-10 results in a non-problematic
> # /usr/local/sbin/httpd -V
> Server's Module Magic Number: 20180606:1

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