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[Bug 62590] performance drop after moving from apache 2.2 to apache 2.4

--- Comment #1 from paolo <paolo@xxxxxxxxxx> ---
After some debug-session I found out that  the problem are the ERR_clear_error
calls in ssl_filter_write and ssl_io_input_read. If I remove those calls the
performance is the same like with httpd/2.2.

Are those calls really needed in the ssl_io_input_read/ssl_filter_write
Isn't it enough to have it only in the ssl_io_filter_handshake function.

Or what about to call this function only if an error occurred:

        else /* (rc < 0) */ {
            int ssl_err = SSL_get_error(inctx->filter_ctx->pssl, rc);
            conn_rec *c = (conn_rec*)SSL_get_app_data(inctx->filter_ctx->pssl);

 +           ERR_clear_error();

            if (ssl_err == SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ) {

Many thanks for any answer.

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