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[Bug 62556] proxy balancer not defined in Proxy section

--- Comment #4 from Yann Ylavic <> ---
Almost, attachment 36043 (btw, now committed to trunk in r1836276) is needed
for things to work in mod_proxy_hcheck, but the change you propose here is more

We can't create balancers/workers for every <Proxy> section though, think of
<Proxy *> for instance (it does not work because ap_proxy_define_worker() wants
a full URL with a scheme).

<Proxy > is a placeholder to set parameters associated to a worker/balancer,
but that worker/balancer is not really created unless it's used somewhere.

So I'd rather see a cross module function (optional fn) to create a
worker/balancer if it does not exist already, reusing an existing <Proxy >
configuration, if any. That function could then be used by mod_proxy_hcheck or
mod_rewrite on post_config.

The "register a <Proxy > worker/balancer when at least one parameter is given"
trick is here to handle possible dynamic/runtime configurations with
mod_rewrite [P] flag, I think.

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