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Re: [VOTE] Stricter commit guidelines



On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 10:44 PM -0700, "Jesus Camacho Rodriguez" <jcamacho@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:jcamacho@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

After work has been done to ignore most of the tests that were failing consistently/intermittently [1], I wanted to start this vote to gather support from the community to be stricter wrt committing patches to Hive. The committers guide [2] already specifies that a +1 should be obtained before committing, but there is another clause that allows committing under the presence of flaky tests (clause 4). Flaky tests are as good as having no tests, hence I propose to remove clause 4 and enforce the +1 from testing infra before committing.

As I see it, by enforcing that we always get a +1 from the testing infra before committing, 1) we will have a more stable project, and 2) we will have another incentive as a community to create a more robust testing infra, e.g., replacing flaky tests for similar unit tests that are not flaky, trying to decrease running time for tests, etc.

Please, share your thoughts about this.

Here is my +1.