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[jira] [Created] (HIVE-19523) Decimal truncation for trailing zeros in Hive 1.2.1

vinay kant garg created HIVE-19523:

             Summary: Decimal truncation for trailing zeros in Hive 1.2.1
                 Key: HIVE-19523
             Project: Hive
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Hive
    Affects Versions: 1.2.1
            Reporter: vinay kant garg

This issue is related to the unnecessary truncation of zero's while serializing BigDecimal object to HiveDecimal object.

BigDecimal object has info about scale still serializing ended up modifying scale metadata as well truncation of zero's.

Eg: if our BigDecimal val is : 47.6300 and scale = 4 and if I am serializing this to HiveDecimal by using API hive expose :

static HiveDecimal create(BigDecimal b)

static HiveDecimal create(BigDecimal b, boolean allowRounding)

our output will be : val = 47.63 and scale = 2.

or if IP: val = 47.00 and scale = 2 then

       OP: val = 47 and scale = 0

*In above example if we see there is no DATA CORRUPTION because 47.6300 is equivalent to 47.63 or 47.00 is equivalent to 47 but later on if this data is used to identify whether it is integer or decimal then we may run into weird issues because 47.00 is decimal but 47 is an integer*.

I am able to reproduce this issue even with standalone program:

*import java.math.BigDecimal;*
*import org.apache.hadoop.hive.common.type.HiveDecimal;*

*public class testHivedecimal {*

*public static void main(String[] argv){*
 *BigDecimal bd = new BigDecimal ("47.6300");*
 *System.out.println("bigdecimal object created and values are : " + bd.toString());*
 *HiveDecimal hv = HiveDecimal.create(bd);*
 *String str = hv.toString();*
 *System.out.println("values after serialization of bigdecimal to hivedecimal : " + str);*

you can use above program to reproduce issue:

To Compile:  

1) use jdk8_u72

2) command : javac -cp hive-common-1.2.1000. 

To Run:

1) use jdk8_u72

2) command : java -cp hive-common-1.2.1000. testHivedecimal


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