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Re: Groovy 2.5.0 release

On Thu, 2018-05-31 at 02:17 +1000, Paul King wrote:
> Hi Russel,
> Yes it would have been nicer if we could have fitted an extra RC-4
> into the
> schedule.

In this instance, because Gant is totally irrelevant to the progress of
the universe, unlike Groovy, I don't have an actual problem.

> Anyway, to cut a long story short, I imagine you need the
> groovy-cli-commons dependency added. I presume groovy-all isn't
> bringing
> that in which is an oversite on my part when I fixed up pointing the
> deprecated groovy.util.CliBuilder to the
> groovy.cli.commons.CliBuilder
> rather than the newer but slightly different
> groovy.cli.picocli.CliBuilder
> which probably is in your path.

If picocli is the future for Groovy CLI I may just drop Groovy 2.4
support from Gant (after all there are no Gant users, at least none
prepared to say they are) and set up to go with picocli.

> I'll add that to known issues on the release notes.

Works for me.

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