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Re: Groovy 3 release

On 27 May 2018, at 14.44, Daniel.Sun <sunlan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Native lambda is only available on master branch, and it is only be enabled
> under static compilation.

I had a chance to examine the current implementation. It uses a LambdaMetafactory to bootstrap (i.e. generate inner class) access to the doCall of the generated lambda/closure object. That means TWO classes per lambda definition (in use), and two objects generated at every lambda use. I haven't made any benchmarks, but we should be able to do better:
1) Don't distinguish between lambdas and closures.
2) If the closure's instantiation is targeting a functional interface, add the expected identified functional interface to the closure class, and implement that in the closure class (bridging the single interface method into the doClass) call.
3) If using compilestatic, we don't need any type conversions to match the callee.