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Re: Performance of the compiler

The problem is not the performance of the test, it's the performance of _compiling_ the test. @CompileStatic wouldn't help there.

Le ven. 25 mai 2018 à 14:24, Thibault Kruse <tibokruse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
Would the test performance be improved if @CompileStatic were used? I
think gradle uses Spock, and last time I checked Spock could not be
used with @CompileStatic. But Spock could also be removed with some

On Fri, May 25, 2018 at 8:52 PM, Jochen Theodorou <blackdrag@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Am 25.05.2018 um 12:51 schrieb Daniel.Sun:
>> Hi Cédric,
>>       I am not going to cache ClassNode instance(just cache class names,
>> which are `String`), but I want to add a check whether the name of the
>> ClassNode being resolved is possibly in the default imported packages,
>> e.g.
>> If a ClassNode instance's name is `Foobar`(apparently it could not be in
>> any
>> default imported packages), then we can `return false` immediately and the
>> further resolving can be eliminated.
> but this means we will have to manually update the list for java.lang,
> java.util, and
> Take for example Module. It is new in Java 9 and is in java.lang. If we had
> this logic already in say Groovy 2.0 I am pretty sure the last versions till
> Groovy 2.3 would not be able to resolve this class anymore then.
> I think there would be no problem with Java10, but think of Java 11... we do
> not know yet.
> bye Jochen