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Re: Performance of the compiler

Am 25.05.2018 um 12:51 schrieb Daniel.Sun:
Hi Cédric,

      I am not going to cache ClassNode instance(just cache class names,
which are `String`), but I want to add a check whether the name of the
ClassNode being resolved is possibly in the default imported packages, e.g.
If a ClassNode instance's name is `Foobar`(apparently it could not be in any
default imported packages), then we can `return false` immediately and the
further resolving can be eliminated.

but this means we will have to manually update the list for java.lang, java.util, and

Take for example Module. It is new in Java 9 and is in java.lang. If we had this logic already in say Groovy 2.0 I am pretty sure the last versions till Groovy 2.3 would not be able to resolve this class anymore then.

I think there would be no problem with Java10, but think of Java 11... we do not know yet.

bye Jochen