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Re: IntervalJoin is stucked in rocksdb'seek for too long time in flink-1.6.2

Yes, you are right. I add log to record the time of seek and find that
sometimes it is very slow. Then I use the rocksdb's files to test locally
and the same problem appears. It is very weird to find that rocksdb's seek
iterate data one by one. Until now, I add cache for rocksdb. The time is
faster than before but not solved completely. Added code is below:
                public ColumnFamilyOptions createColumnOptions() {
                        // return new ColumnFamilyOptions();
			BlockBasedTableConfig blockBasedTableConfig = new
			blockBasedTableConfig.setBlockCacheSize(1024 * 1024 * 1024);
			ColumnFamilyOptions columnFamilyOptions = new ColumnFamilyOptions();
			return columnFamilyOptions;

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