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Re: DataSet - Broadcast set in output format

Hi Bastien,

the OutputFormat specifies how a given record is written to an external system. The DataSink using these formats do not support using broadcast variables. This is currently a limitation of Flink.

What you could do is to introduce a mapper before your sink which enriches the records with respect to the broadcast variable. The OutputFormat could then react to this additional information.


On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 2:57 PM bastien dine <bastien.dine@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would like to use a broadcast variable in my outputformat (to pass some information, and control execution flow)
How would I do it ? 
.output does not have a .withBroadcast function as it does not extends SingleInputUdfOperator


Bastien DINE
Data Architect / Software Engineer / Sysadmin